Best InDesign Magazine templates in 2019

We found some good looking & easy to edit print templates

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that print is still very much alive and well. Even though the digital era has taken over most forms of marketing and advertisement under its wing, there are still many benefits to using print in your business. That is why it’s no wonder that there are so many easy to edit print templates available all over the web, some of which we are going to present you here. We found Best InDesign Magazine templates that you can shop for on different digital marketplaces.

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Best InDesign magazine templates october 2018

Best magazine templates for October 2018

Another round of InDesign magazine template that catches our eye. We always look for something unique and different on digital marketplaces around the globe. What we look at when we check out templates is overall aesthetics, use of typography, color palettes and interesting layouts. If you want to start your own magazine, you will need to check out and research many available magazine templates, so we hope that our choices this round will help you determine which one you will use.

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What is new in InDesign CC 2018

What is new in InDesign CC 2018?

We are always excited when Adobe releases new version of our favorite software – InDesign. Week ago Adobe started rolling out updated version of InDesign to all subscribers and owners of Creative Cloud apps. If you asked yourself what is new in InDesign CC 2018 here is an overview of new and improved features that comes with this update.

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How to install Google fonts?

How to install Google fonts?

Here at IndieStock we are using free fonts for our InDesign print templates and with every template that you download from us, you will get file with download links. Our customers often ask us how to install Google fonts, so we decided to make this little tutorial to help and guide you during installation process. Links will take you, most of the times, to Google Fonts page. Now if you are stuck with what to do next, we will show you two different ways how to install Google fonts on your Windows or Mac computer.

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Best Magazine templates

Best Magazine templates / October 2015

Another round of our selection of professionally made, InDesign magazine templates. This October, few of publicatons catch our eyes and here is our list of best magazine templates, created with Adobe InDesign.

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Two Inspiring InDesign Magazine Templates to be Excited For / February 2015

Yes, another round of “the best templates” but I want to focus on REALLY good looking, original and professional templates. You can find billions of similar articles around web and we read some of them. Usually they are just affiliate articles without any deeper thought about templates. To be honest, our links are also affiliate ones but at least, we will put some effort to explain you why we think so.

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6 Best Newsletter InDesign templates to look for in 2015

I think it’s time to check out Newsletter design print templates. Newsletters are one of the best platforms in today’s global market to stay in touch with your clients, customers and audience. We all know that email marketing still have big impact in communication with consumers and email newsletters are sent every day to million addresses. But, what with good old print newsletter? Well, they are back and becoming more important as weekly or monthly periodic news & updates medium. Yes, you can all that info send to your audience as email, but electronic newsletter doesn’t have that unique feel of product texture, touch of paper and smell of fresh paint. Great thing about paper newsletters is that they can be used as promotional material. For that purpose, those newsletters need to have some uniqueness and aesthetics to display. And that’s the point where we suggesting six newsletter templates. First, why are we reviewing OUR templates? Well, we KNOW them and we used them. Why InDesign templates? Because, InDesign is industry standard and no matter how some MS Word or Photoshop can look gorgeous, they are not for full professional use.

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Our Flat Catalog Brochure is now Trending on Graphicriver

Yes, great news, we are trending on Graphicriver marketplace! This is new feature introduced by Envato few weeks ago and represents items popularity or demand. We are proud to have this little badge on our icon, which means good sales. Check this item here, on IndieStock marketplace. Graphicriver page is here.