LiyaChair – Square Brochure

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Perfect brochure template for furniture showcase

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LiyaChair is Square Brochure Template created with Adobe InDesign software. This brochure can be used for a chair catalog brochure and it is ideal if you have series or product lines within one family of products. Of course you can edit and customize it to create your own version of it for different kinds of products. The square format of the template is suitable for modern and minimal design, where features and design of the product make most of the visual impact. Besides chairs, you can use this template to produce a brochure featuring other office furniture. With further edits, you can easily create a brochure for any other product.

Technical details

Brochure template is made for InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and Creative Cloud. The format of the template is 21cm x 21cm and contains 8 pages, including cover and back cover. We used free font Lato and download links you will find in the template package. Like all our templates, the LiyaChair Square Brochure template has all paragraph styles and colors editable, so you can customize it according to your brand. You can use your own fonts, just replace them in paragraph styles. File has three layers, and to edit pagination and header information you will need to unlock layer contain them. To do that, go to Window > Layers and in panel press unlock icon. Brochure template is in hi-res, CMYK and ready for print. Easily replace our placeholder images with your own.

Even if in this template we created 8 pages, you can duplicate and rearrange the layout to better fit your design ideas and flow of the desired final publication. To make everything, even more, easier we added to this square brochure template 4 x 4 grid which will help you to better plan text and images layout. If grid is not visible, go to View > Grids & Guides > Show Document Grid.

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LiyaChair - Square Brochure InDesign templateLiyaChair - Square Brochure TemplateLiyaChair - Square Brochure TemplateinDesign Square Brochure Template